Defining Communications

PR, social, and digital that paint a picture of who you are and why it matters.

Game-Changing Co-Creation

Bring stakeholders into planning and program design and get richer results.

Transformative Thought Leadership

Share what you know to shape issues, industries, and your brand.


Positioning & Messaging

It’s about who you are and why you matter, and how you’re not the same as everyone else. It’s about telling your story. More than that, it’s about becoming part of the stories of your customers and stakeholders, integral to their lives and interests. Getting Acuity is getting a crystal clear understanding of the value you have to offer your stakeholders and how you fit into their lives.


Marketing Communications

Our team has strategic and tactical expertise in digital, social, PR, and various other forms of marketing and direct stakeholder engagement. We’re also exceptionally sharp when it comes to ensuring all the pieces come together, including integrating online and offline communications and engagement.



Co-creation is bringing people together to produce ideas, strategies, programs, products, and services. Acuity co-creation approaches have been put to work to develop curricula in higher education, public-private collective actions, and to make organizational strategic planning richer and more inclusive.