People-first makes things happen

The Acuity Project is a communications and co-creation firm. We have experience in business, education, and nonprofits, and we’re experts at working across sectors as well as within them. We are the anti-rote, people-centric communications firm, a place that focuses on strategy, messaging, and depth rather than tossing off formulaic press releases. We’re a place that makes it easy for clients to turn conversation with stakeholders into collaborations that create real value for all involved.

Communications: We do messaging and the full range of communications (content and intellectual capital, digital and social, traditional media and live events) accordingly.

Communications are about making things happen for organizations by connecting with people–the people who make purchase decisions, use services, or support a cause or a plan. Organizational objectives come first, communications objectives and strategies flow from there.

Co-creation: We support nonprofit, corporate, and collaborative strategic planning, program and product development, stakeholder research and engagement, and organizational identity.

Co-creative approaches enable you to understand stakeholders in actionable ways that have a direct line to improving your own success in whatever you’re currently doing, or to shape entirely new strategies, programs, services, and sometimes, even a new identity. Co-creation is the ultimate form of communication and stakeholder engagement–going past conversation to active collaboration that can change who you are or how you do things.

Empathy is our core value. Being empathetic means you think about things from others’ points of view and you internalize others’ needs. In communications and the design of products and services, that’s critical. We remind ourselves to have empathy with the people our clients’ serve, with our clients as people, with our colleagues, and with people everywhere.

At the same time, we are competitive on behalf of our clients–whether we’re competing against a rival company or a threatening disease–and absolutely driven to make things happen for them.

Maybe we sound like the kind of colleagues you’d like to have.

This is what the “project” is

Our “project” is to act on insights and values, to bring depth to communications work, and to bring authenticity to stakeholder engagement, mainly because few firms do. Our approach may seem to be a nuanced difference but we think it’s a critical one and we’re here for clients who think so too. The project enables clients to be anti-rote in their communications and to authentically listen and act when they conduct stakeholder engagement.

The project is also to avoid getting too impressed with our own ideas and approaches, or with the pronouncements of the many gurus and mavens in our field. Instead, we want to be influenced first and last by the people who buy our clients’ products and services, who benefit from their programs, and who make or break their success as partners and influencers.

To do our jobs well, we need to be at the leading edge of all the tools of communications while being prepared to invent new ones. We build teams to keep digital, social, and other emerging media, always at the forefront. Our hard work is productive and tireless, but always subject to critique and evaluation.