Keith is a full-range player in marketing communications and PR, someone who makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together — who helps ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

His work has transformed competitive landscapes in fields ranging from higher education to high technology. And in the nonprofit and corporate social responsibility space, he and his teams have taken outdated and understated value propositions and invigorated their meaning and impact.

That work has driven beyond-expected revenues for a start-up, attracted new categories of supporters for a nonprofit, and helped university deans break records for applications and fundraising.

He has repeatedly been at the vanguard of a succession of changes in the communication field
— and had early-mover success that set standards in video, content marketing, digital engagement, social media, and customer co-creation. In 2009, he was a Webby Award honoree.

Keith has served on senior leadership teams at the University of Michigan, the Brookings Institution, the Global Business Coalition, and two marketing communications firms. He’s helped create and execute special initiatives on HIV prevention, women in business, and co-founded (with Venkat Ramaswamay and CK Prahalad) a center at the University of Michigan that did doing pioneering work in customer co-creation.

Keith also founded a nonprofit to support education and the realization of human potential in Beoung Salang, a slum in Phnom Penh. The organization was deactivated in 2015 but its work continues as the Tinath New Generation Academy.

“The main tools I bring to my work are strategy, leadership, and craft. And well-functioning, strong teams. The core of success is always messaging and positioning — not just telling stories to people but becoming a part of their stories, part of their personal and/or professional lives and identities.”

Keith Decie

Keith Decie, Founder and Managing Director