Visit Boards that ExcelAcuity created a book website in addition to our work on speaking engagements and media outreach.

For B. Joseph White, president emeritus of the University of Illinois, dean emeritus of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and a remarkably successful member of boards of directors, The Acuity Project was engaged to help bring a new book on corporate governance to fruition.

We critiqued early drafts of the book and anticipated future markets and the content that would connect with them; devised proposals to publishers that landed four offers, ranging from the University of Chicago Press to the eventual publisher of the book, Berrett-Koehler.

The author decided to pursue a specialized audience—primarily private companies and family businesses. So we focused on, and landed, the most critical players in those markets.

Speaking invitations we landed included the Private Company Governance Summit and the National Association of Corporate Directors. The Summit fueled sales and generated coverage in mission-critical publications, including Directors & Boards, Private Company Director, and Family Business magazines.

We also facilitated a mention in the Wall Street Journal.

We also advised the author on a social media strategy that dramatically boosted his Linked In presence and began attracting influential twitter followers. And we created an author website.

Early sales of the book were among the strongest-ever for a book of this kind published by Berrett Koehler.