Global Business Coalition

The Acuity Project helped shape raw findings from two surveys done by GBCHealth, one focused on Latin America and the other on India, into coherent findings and recommendations. We turned these findings into reports being used to guide action on maternal-child health, sanitation, and other critical health interventions.

GBCHealth is a nonprofit that works to coordinate government, nonprofit, and business action on global health issues related to the Millennium Development Goals. Its stock in trade is facilitating the capabilities and resources of the private sector to advance public health around the world.

The Acuity Project team analyzed data that had been collected by GBCHealth itself while also capturing data and insights from other organizations, blending the pieces together to find trends and gaps. We shaped some of the key the insights into stories that led to key points and recommendations for companies, as well as for governments and multilateral organizations that want to partner with business. Together with our partners at GBCHealth, we also built out specific resources to support companies’ action, including outlining priority needs for public health in India and possible partners.