With Acuity, you get years of specialized experience bridging the objectives, language, and actions of business, nonprofits, academia, and governments.

We create, promote, and enhance CSR and shared value initiatives.

In CSR, companies typically want to find and build a distinctive and well-informed voice. They want simultaneously to stand out and to be a supportive team player. They want to be sure the voice speaks to all their stakeholders, from aid recipients to investors. They need to lead and listen, set agendas as well as take cues and leverage knowledge, ideas, support, and resources from others. That’s Acuity.

 Acuity Signature Services

Our core services are in communications, intellectual capital development and research, and co-created strategic planning. Our team works with companies on branding thought leadership, sharing intellectual capital, and all forms of visibility-raising, marketing communications, executive communications, and social media. Through our co-creation practice, we help companies identify, understand, and engage external stakeholders.

  Specialized CSR Services

We provide specialized CSR, sustainability, and shared value support that delivers an extra strategic edge for your work. Our experience is both long and deep: We developed some of the very first messaging on triple bottom line, have created and promoted cross-sector CSR collaborations, facilitated the development of CSR agendas, and taken bits and pieces of CSR work and stitched them into coherent stories and compelling, valuable intellectual capital.

Intellectual Capital and Content Development

Analysis, framing, and/or production of intellectual capital, to share and exchange your knowledge with others–including reports, blogs, and other forms of information-sharing. When you’re the source of valued intellectual capital, it takes you beyond simply promoting yourself.

Investor-Facing Message Guidance

Based on research on the psychology of how messages influence investors, conducting audits and offering roadmaps for more consistently investor-friendly reporting.

Collaborations Within and Across Sectors

Developing and facilitating processes to engage stakeholders to help you shape your agenda or to develop and manage partnerships around shared agendas and collective actions.

Stakeholder Mapping, Intelligence, and Engagement

Identifying the stakeholders most important to your work; capturing their knowledge, insights, and agendas; and developing tactical options for engagement.

CSR Agenda-Setting

Finding the best uses for your CSR resources based on your capabilities and objectives, needs of communities you care about, and potential magnitude of impact.

Some of Our Work

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