From Addis Ababa to Ann Arbor, our team works with and for educational institutions, professional development programs, and cross-sector collaborations.

In education, it’s easy for everyone’s story to sound the same even when it’s not. It’s easy for accomplishments and distinctions to go unnoticed and unacclaimed. But we know how to re-define competitive landscapes to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

We bring you transformative communications that re-define markets and re-balance the visibility equation in clients’ favor. Our work includes positioning organizations, programs, and ideas. It includes translating those positionings into increased donations and recruiting, improved rankings, and strategies for continual curriculum improvement. We support communications departments, deans, faculty, program heads, and administrative departments.

We are savvy about the particular complexity of educational organizations’ stakeholder environment. The Acuity Project is exceptional in its history of bridging academia, business, and governments; faculty and staff, recruiters, alumni, and students.

  Acuity Signature Services

Our core services are in communications, intellectual capital development and research, and co-created strategic planning. Our team works with companies on branding thought leadership, sharing intellectual capital, and all forms of visibility-raising, marketing communications, executive communications, and social media. Through our co-creation practice, we help organizations identify, understand, and engage external stakeholders. Over the years, our higher education – related work has covered topics including business, foreign policy, government and public policy, science, technology, and more. We work on curriculum, pedagogy, and approaches to education as well as subject-matter expertise.



Content / Intellectual Capital

Co-Creation / Strategic Planning


  Specialized Services for Education

Positioning & Brand

Creating a positioning that distinguishes the overall brand of an institution or program, while, importantly, doing the hyper-segmenting that is critical for fundraising, rankings, recruiting, and partnerships.


Generating actionable analysis of rankings performance, understanding the interplay of brand, internal and external reputation, and the substance of performance on rankings criteria.

Thought Leadership

Setting up organizations and individuals as visible and respected influencers of thought and action in education, business, and the many fields in which educational organizations operate. Work spans intellectual capital framing and messaging, program positioning and promotion, executive communications, writing articles, media relations, and social media.

Collaborations Within and Across Sectors

Developing and facilitating processes to engage stakeholders to help you shape your agenda or to develop and manage partnerships around shared agendas and collective actions.

Strategic Planning & Program Development

Supporting and facilitating work to develop strategic direction for institutions and educational programs.

Some of Our Education Experience

Ross School of Business
Daniel's College of Business
Daniel's College of Business
Washington University in St. Louis