We draw on specialized experience bridging sectors–nonprofit, corporate, government, and academic–and honing messages to donors and partners.

We bring both nonprofit and business savvy to our work.

The Acuity Project brings creates and executes communications programs or simply provides support to enable you to enhance what you’re already doing. We do marketing communications and messaging that connect with donors, and positioning that speaks to all sectors simultaneously. We raise visibility in ways that set you apart while ensuring you’re also understood to be part of the team.

Acuity Signature Services: Communications, Strategic Planning, & Brand

Our core services are in communications, intellectual capital development and research, and co-created strategic planning. Our team works with companies on branding thought leadership, sharing intellectual capital, and all forms of visibility-raising, marketing communications, executive communications, and social media. Through our co-creation practice, we help organizations identify, understand, and engage external stakeholders as well as better tap knowledge, insights, and ideas of internal staff, boards, and affiliates.

 Specialized Services for Nonprofits

Strategic Planning & Program Development

Through a co-creative approach, developing organizational strategies and programs that reflect the best of internal insight, external demands, and actionability. Combining strategic planning and brand development to produce a coherent and internalized brand in real time–and to keep strategic planning constantly connected to market realities.

Strategy & Positioning Alignment

Sizing up gaps in alignment among staff on our strategy, their role in executing on it, and how to articulate brand and program attributes. Creating feedback loops from staff and stakeholders to senior management.

Bridging Convenings & Action

Developing and executing plans for following through on ideas, commitments, and intellectual capital generated at conferences and convenings. After a conference session, what are the next steps to carry participants’ enthusiasm and ideas forward? After a convening, how can you manage the execution of an agenda or the coordination of the action of multiple partners? We can help.

Content Development & Research: Intellectual Capital

Taking your existing raw material and shaping it into findings that are actionable and resonant with target audiences. Developing action plans to follow onto reports. Creating and executing stakeholder research initiatives.

Case Studies

Innovations for Poverty Action