We were a pivotal part of the launch and rapid growth of a start-up that’s now worth tens of millions of dollars. We helped Foresee, a customer experience management company (CEM), enter a space that was crowded with entrenched competition and prevailing ideas about what worked best in CEM that were at odds with what Foresee was selling.

Our work had to do two things for Foresee: (1) Make the value of their complex and unfamiliar formula clear to their prospective customers in ways that made them jettison old ways of doing things; and (2) make the Foresee brand highly visible and credible so it would be known not only to the buyers but to the people who influence those buyers or control their budgets.

With thought leadership and content marketing at the core of our work, we co-created ideas for surveys, analyses, and lessons for Foresee to share. Through our work, Foresee became dominant in the media, from the Wall Street Journal to marketing and customer experience trades, to specialized media in every one of their verticals, which covered dozens of categories. To reinforce the value, credibility, and usability of their products and services, we worked with all the major analysts in the customer experience management field.