The Acuity Project’s signature co-creation services help you produce richer strategies, programs, and partnerships.

Strategic Planning

For strategic planning and program development, co-creation is a means to keep stakeholders part of the conversation. For nonprofits, that means staying in sync with the needs of beneficiaries and taking into account the expertise and the demands of partners and donors. For academic institutions, it is especially about staying connected to future employers and partners of students, as well as to the students themselves. But it’s primarily about getting a rich and constant influx of insight, ensuring that a strategic planning conversation isn’t ultimately confined to a few people in a conference room.

Partnerships & Collective Action

Co-creation is also a method for bringing partners together to pursue shared agendas, create joint programs, exchange information about best practices, or engage in collective actions. We’ve been involved in partnerships ranging from a corporate-academic collaboration to increase the number of women in business schools to an initiative by a group of companies and public agencies to help people at high risk of HIV/AIDS to protect themselves.

Linking Strategic Planning & Branding in Real Time

We believe that the substance of co-creation should also be connected to branding, messaging, and marketing strategy development in real time. It tends to keep planning market-driven and imposes credibility and market tests of ideas. It closes the gap between creating a program and being able to articulate it to funders, staff, and other stakeholders who need to be brought in early. It helps to develop a vocabulary and story for whatever you’re creating while the work is happening.

  Acuity Signature Co-Creation & Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning

Program Development for Nonprofits and Education

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Branding & Positioning

Product Development

Collective Actions

CSR Agenda-Setting

Some of Our Work

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