Acuity communications make you part of people’s lives. We define organizations, thought leaders, and ideas in ways that engage and energize. When called for, we transform identities and competitive landscapes.

There are four big reasons our marketing communications work is exceptionally valuable.

1. You get elegantly impactful positioning and messaging.

2. You get rigorously integrated communications, an unsurpassed sense of strategy that maximizes ROI. We see links that others miss, and we make the whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

3. You get tactical execution that’s astoundingly disciplined and on point. Everything we produce — every utterance on your behalf — is tied to a strategic purpose map that’s pushing levers.

4. And you get a team whose core value is empathy. We see through your targets’ eyes. We find the ways not just to tell your story, but for you to become part of their story.

We also bring our empathy to our clients. We know you have a job to get done. We’re by your side. Nobody thinks harder or works harder than we do. Nobody brings more passion and purpose.

How We Can Help You

Acuity Signature Communications Services

Branding, Positioning, & Messaging

Our positioning and messaging for organizations, programs, and products has remade competitive landscapes. It has redefined or enriched identities. And it’s advanced public policy. Our work includes organizational identity, product and program positioning, framing public policy issues, messaging corporate social responsibility initiatives, and providing support to teams responsible for stakeholder engagement.

Communications Strategy

Communications strategy from The Acuity Project aligns all your channels, content, and stakeholder touches to work together to define you, communicate your value proposition, and make things happen. Every communication has the power to shape identity and generate outcomes–but only if strategy is baked in and executed with intelligence and skill.

Media & Blogger Relations

We know how to craft stories and thought leadership that have real value. The Acuity Project’s blogger and media relations services range from personalized outreach to reporters to mass distribution, launches, and media conference calls.

Executive Communications

Executives need acuity and impact. We help through framing messages, helping to articulate executives’ vision and values, and then producing speeches, talking points, presentations, and all forms of marketing communications that tell stories, make a point, and engage stakeholders.

Byliners & Intellectual Capital

Our intellectual capital services include framing raw content as well as developing original research. We write reports, produce blog posts and byliners, and create stakeholder engagement and co-creation.

Social & Digital Marketing

Much of our work is in the digital realm. Our team’s experience includes consumer services and products plus higher education. We do digital influence and marketing strategies, plus execution of advertising via sponsored social media posts, paid search, content marketing, and display advertising. Our programs often include web and landing page production, and we have exceptional partners in video.

Marketing Communications

Collaterals, websites, posters, and other printed and online marketing and informational materials.

Speaking Engagements & Conferences

We set up speaking engagements, arrange conference and trade show participation, and create full-scale conferences.

We also create opportunities to take relationships and ideas birthed in a conference, seminar, or meeting, and turn them into intellectual capital, ongoing collaborations or collective actions.

Some of Our Work

Center for Education on Social Responsibility
American Customer Satisfaction Index

Some of Our Additional Experience